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Welcome To Grout Master in Phoenix, AZ

Since 1992 Grout Master has been the greater Phoenix, AZ area's leading grout, tile, and natural stone restoration service company. Locally owned by owner Robert D., Robert continues to maintain a level of customer satisfaction that is un matched by any other company in the business. His clientele extends across several counties, and he has always delivered quality services due to his experienced and expansive knowledge regarding different surfaces and the cleaning process that works best for it. Grout Master specializes in the restoration and cleaning of ceramic tile and grout, satillo or Mexican styled tiles, and most natural stones, including travertine.
Saltillo Tiles — Grout Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ
Don't take a chance. Let Grout Master's unmatched knowledge and experience speak for itself, and give us a call today to speak to the expert and schedule your services today!